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Traumatic brain injury can be mild, moderate or severe. Severe traumatic brain injury takes the longest to recover from and has the greatest degree of residuals. Loss if consciousness is common and a person with a severe TBI can sustain a coma that can last several weeks. The brain can swell and death can result from this. Others will eventually awaken and need then to begin to learn how to do things on their own. A few people wake up from a coma but do not have any residual problems. In almost all cases of severe TBI you should discuss your situation with a brain injury lawyer to establish whether or not you have a potential claim for a compensation settlement.

Coma & Vegetative State

There can be two different states of consciousness associated with severe traumatic brain injury. You can be in a coma—completely unaware of your surroundings with closed eyes as if sleeping. This lasts up to four weeks following a traumatic brain injury. On the other hand, you can be in a vegetative state. Your eyes open and close and you have sleep/wake cycles. Even so, you are unaware of your surroundings and can be in this state for at least a year following the brain injury. There can be a shorter length of a persistent vegetative state if it was due to a hypoxic-anoxic injury to the brain.

Minimally Conscious

If you are minimally conscious, you have some awareness of the outside world and may be able to respond to simple commands or be able to indicate a yes or no answer. You may actually be able to say a few words that people can understand. This mild awareness of the external world is what differentiates a minimally conscious state from a vegetative state.

Financial Compensation

If the severe traumatic brain injury was due to the negligence of others, you can contact a litigation aawyer to see what your rights are and what you are owed as a result of other’s negligence. The legal advice is free and you only pay when you receive compensation.

Glasgow Scale

Doctors use the Glasgow Coma Scale to determine the severity of the injury to the person’s brain. It depends on the best eye response, which begins at 1 with not eye opening and 4 for spontaneous eye opening; the best verbal response determines the degree of responsiveness of a person’s speech, including orientation; the best motor response assesses large motor movement after a traumatic brain injury.


The main symptoms of severe traumatic brain injury are coma or other loss of consciousness. Severe cognitive deficits occur upon awakening and the person has difficulty with memory attention and can be affected with tinnitus or ringing in the ears can be noted. Taste and smell can be lost. Many people with traumatic brain injuries have prolonged and frequent seizures. There can be paralysis and chronic problems with bowel and bladder function. Sleep can be impaired and there can be a change in appetite. Personal, emotional and social changes are too common and the victim can be aggressive, irritable, depressed and can have dependent behaviors.


Much of the treatment of traumatic brain injuries in the beginning is supportive of their coma or persistent vegetative state. There may need to be tube feeding, bathing of the individual and bowel and bladder care. When they wake up and then need significant physical therapy and occupational therapy to learn how to talk, walk and do the activities of daily living.

Severe TBI Lawyers

In most cases of severe TBI you need to seek legal advice from a brain injury lawyer with a view to making a personal injury compensation claim for your TBI, especially if it was due to the negligence of another person. You should seek the advice of a qualified lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases with expertise in traumatic brain injury and head trauma damages. Our brain injury lawyers are experts who deal with personal injury compensation settlements using a contingent fee arrangement which means that if you don’t succeed in claiming damages you pay nothing at all. Our lawyers offer free advice with no further obligation and will tell you there and then whether or not we believe that you have a viable claim and the anticipated potential financial settlement.

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