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Concussions can be minor or very severe. Fortunately, concussions are usually temporary and cause interference with brain function for a short time. Concussions can affect a person’s memory, balance, speech, coordination and judgement to varying degrees. In almost all cases you should discuss your situation with a brain injury lawyer to establish whether or not you have a potential claim for a compensation settlement.


Concussions are usually caused by blows to the head but people who have an acceleration and deceleration injury can also get a concussion. This is the type of injury that occurs in shaken baby syndrome. Some people lose consciousness while others do not and don’t even recognize that they’ve even had a concussion. Brain damage is the end result of a concussion, even if it is mild. The good news is that most people recover from their injury without any particular medical intervention.


If you sustain a concussion due to the negligence of others you may need to seek legal advice from a brain injury lawyer with a view to making a personal injury compensation claim for your TBI, especially if it was due to the negligence of another person. You should seek the advice of a qualified lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases with expertise in traumatic brain injury and head trauma damages. The consultation is free and you only have to pay if there are damages awarded for the injuries.


The symptoms of a concussion can show up right away or can be delayed. The most common early symptoms is amnesia of the event or confusion around what actually occurred. This can last for a few minutes of for several hours. The person with a concussion can also become dizzy, have ringing in their ears, have a severe headache, have slurred speech, be very tired or exhibit nausea and vomiting. Later, even hours to days later, the patient can have problems with their memory, concentration, sleep, sensitivity to light and noise, irritability or depression.


Concussion is especially common in children, infants and toddlers as well as in the elderly. In young children, irritability is most common and the child is listless, sleeps at odd times, eats little or nothing and shows little interest in the toys they normally like. Unsteadiness is common and loss of balance is also common. Medical attention should be sought if the child has had a head injury and exhibits any of the above signs and symptoms. It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a simple concussion and a more serious brain injury. Blunt trauma to the head can be a factor in children’s injuries but shaken baby syndrome can be the cause as well.


The treatment of concussion is usually watchful waiting. The baby or child needs time to recover the brain from its injuries. The child must be kept quiet and parents can use Tylenol to help control the headache. Do not use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications as these can prolong the bleeding time and worsen the situation. If the child sustained the injury in sports, the doctor can tell you when it is safe to resume the sporting activity. Playing too soon can contribute to the chance of getting another injury on top of the first one. If there are any residual symptoms for the event that caused the first concussion, you should not play sports yet.


Concussions can be avoided by wearing the appropriate protective helmet in sports, including cycling, riding horses, playing football, skiing, or skating. Children should always use a seatbelt or appropriate restraining device, even for short trips. The home should be made as fall proof as possible, including getting rid of throw rugs, having handles on stairs and sometimes having handles in the tub. Edges of tables and counter tops should be padded when toddlers are around so that the child doesn’t run into the edges and get a concussion. Use window guards so windows can’t be opened and so that children don’t fall out.

Concussion Lawyers

Our brain injury lawyers are experts who deal with personal injury compensation settlements using a contingent fee arrangement which means that if you don’t succeed in claiming damages you pay nothing at all. Our concussion lawyers offer advice at no cost with no further obligation and will tell you there and then whether or not we believe that you have a viable claim and the anticipated potential financial settlement.

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