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Many things can lead to a traumatic brain injury or TBI. Some are minor and can be managed at home whilst around a half of these injuries require hospitalization. TBI can lead to severe permanent injury or death. In almost all cases you should discuss your situation with a brain injury lawyer to establish whether or not you have a potential claim for a compensation settlement. Motor vehicle accidents are the cause of almost half of all traumatic brain injury, followed by falls from height, sports injury, criminal assault and military action. Some injuries have immediate symptoms, while others take days to weeks before symptoms occur. This is why it is important to pay attention to symptoms and to take any symptoms seriously. Most of the time, the injuries require immediate treatment, with some requiring surgery. After acute management, physical therapy or rehab is often required to bring the person back to their normal mental and physical state after the injury.

Brain Injury Lawyer

In some cases, you may need to seek legal advice from a brain injury lawyer with a view to making a personal injury compensation claim for your TBI, especially if it was due to the negligence of another person. You should seek the advice of a qualified lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases with expertise in traumatic brain injury and head trauma damages.

Types of TBI

There are different kinds of brain injuries. You can get a concussion, which is a mild jarring injury to the brain. There may or may not be loss of consciousness at the time of the injury. The person may feel dazed or dizzy following the injury and, if the injury is severe enough, there can be swelling of the brain, changes in level of consciousness and severe headache. A brain contusion actually causes bruising of the brain and is more severe than a concussion. Bleeding of the blood vessels of the brain can cause increased pressure on the brain and may require surgery. A skull fracture can result in fragments of broken bone puncturing the brain which may cause bleeding within the brain.

Symptoms of TBI

The main symptoms of brain injuries include a severe headache, blurry vision, dizziness and tiredness. Loss of consciousness can be sudden or delayed for a few minutes. Over time, you can get loss of balance, sleep problems, visual changes, loss of memory, tiredness, irritability and depressive feelings.

Severe Brain Injury

The definition of a severe brain injury involves loss of consciousness for over six hours. Severe cognitive deficits can be found, including those involving speech and language. There can be sensory deficits, deficits in reading and perception, visual loss, light intolerance, hearing problems, smell difficulties and seizures. Paralysis and spasticity can result from serious injury. There can even be bowel or bladder deficits.

Brain Trauma

You can be concerned about brain trauma in motorcycle accidents and motor vehicle accidents. Sports injuries often yield brain trauma and other types of falls, such as from a window, can cause brain trauma. Not wearing a helmet cycling and not wearing your seatbelt can contribute to a brain injury.


Brain injuries are treated differently, depending on the severity of the injury. Mild injuries can be treated with rest and avoidance of re-injury. Medications can be given to control headache symptoms. If there is brain swelling, surgery is used to release the swelling. After the acute phase, physical therapy is used to restore function so the individual is at his or her best level of functioning.

Brain Injury Compensation Claims

Our brain injury lawyers are experts who deal with personal injury compensation settlements using a contingent fee arrangement which means that if you don’t succeed in claiming damages you pay nothing at all. Our lawyers offer free advice with no further obligation and will tell you there and then whether or not we believe that you have a viable claim and the anticipated potential financial settlement.

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